1. Efficient staffing 
    In most countries, the minimum booking period of staff is 4 hours. Staffing is usually calculated on the concentration of visitors at peak times, right before the keynote speeches. As a result, most booth reps are jobless immediately after the peak moment. 

    The solution? A combination of manned registration desks and kiosks, which support the busiest moments. Typically, there is one hostess per three or four kiosks.
  2. Seemingly less queuing
    When visitors take control of their own registration, they are actively doing something. 
    Hence, they feel that things go faster and they’re not just standing in line waiting. In reality, however, a well-trained hostess is just as fast …
  3. Less chance of human error
    Thanks to the direct link with the fielddrive server, one can immediately verify the validity of tickets, due payments, personal messages for the visitor, and so on. Manually controlled check-ins are more prone to human errors during visitor peaks.
  4. Space-saving concept
    As kiosks are compact, they can easily be installed in places where there is no room for full-size registration desks.
  5. Flexible deployment
    Kiosks can be installed and deployed in an instant. This allows you to prepare them earlier on in the airport or hotel, and move to the congress location later on. This enables a better distribution of the workload, as visitors can pick up their badges beforehand.
  6. The new standard
    Expectation patterns have changed drastically. More than 70 % of visitors instinctively opt for self-service when being offered the choice. Doing everything ourselves has become the standard. 

    Despite the many assets of self-service, we do not expect everything to be automated in the near future. The human factor remains crucial to events. And a warm (human) welcome definitely contributes to a pleasant experience.

    Furthermore, kiosks require efficient supervision, instruction videos in the queue, clear directives, and a hostess that keeps an eye on things.

    The key to success: "a well-balanced mix of self-service and hospitable staff! 

    You never get a second chance to make a good first impression …

    fielddrive developed a range of modular kiosk for self-scanning or self-registration that can be configured with several printer types and payment modules.