LeadKey & LeadPod for Lead Retrieval

Exhibitors generate the bulk of your event revenue so give them the best lead retrieval tools to keep them happy and returning to your event year after year! Our lead retrieval solutions are available as an offline data collection and a mobile app. 

LeadKey (offline data collector)

The LeadKey is ideal for exhibitors that are looking for a simple to use, lightweight Lead Retrieval system. Scan attendees' badges quickly and easily in the plastic badge holder and under any lighting condition. Leads will be uploaded to our secure Leads Portal at the close of the event.

LeadPod (mobile app for lead retrieval)

LeadPod leverages your own Apple or Android mobile device for instant lead acquisition at events.

Once LeadPod is downloaded and installed onto your device, you will be able to scan attendees' barcoded badges using the device's camera. The LeadPod app will display the attendee's full contact information for you to review or edit.

LeadPod  allows exhibitors to qualify their leads using standard action codes or custom qualifiers. Exhibitors may also add notes to the lead's record.

Leads are continously synced with our Lead Portal. Exhibitors may access their leads online at anytime, and can export their leads into a MS Excel or CSV format.