fielddrive integrates with your favorite event registration provider, your association management software, your CRM or sales and marketing solution.

This allows you to operate independent of the online solution and if you are using multiple applications, you can connect a different datasource for each one of your events.

The 2 way data integrations* allows you to manage:

  • onsite check-ins

  • onsite live badge & wristband printing

  • print session tickets

  • name changes

  • replacement

  • new registrations (managed in the core application with direct sync to badgekiosk)

  • cloakroom management

  • photo badges

We have over 80 integrations up and running, and are adding integrations to the cloud weekly. If you can't find your favorite software integration or you are working with an internal proprietary software, reach out to our team and we'll get it out there.


2016-02-18 23.14.14.jpg

The fielddrive platform

the fielddrive platform is your dashboard for all the onsite operations. It allows you to:

  • Setup data integrations to your favorite event registration or AMS

  • View your delegate data

  • Design personalized badges

  • Keep track of real time check-ins


What about GDPR?

fielddrive has updated its systems and procedures to comply with GDPR. Learn more about this important regulation by reading these helpful blog article by our DPO Doenia


It was a great experience working with fielddrive on our 2017 event in Seville. Pre and post conference work has been quick, efficient and very professional. Looking forward to our collaboration next year in Geneva.
— NOEMI NAGY - Head of Operations at EAIE

*ask our sales team for details on specific integrations or custom requirements. The level of integration varies from platform to platform. Make sure you communicate your expectations, so we can confirm we can meet them.