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fielddrive in partnership with Zenus Biometrics has developed the first facial recognition check-in specifically for the events sector. Our cutting-edge technology allows attendees to check-in using only their faces while their full-color badges are printed instantaneously. This ensures a fast, seamless, personalized, secure and memorable experience for all.

What is unique about it?

  • It is the first facial recognition check-in available to and designed for the event sector.

  • It is at least 50% faster than traditional methods, ensuring check-in times as speedy as 8 seconds.

  • With fully-encrypted biometric data and no photos stored at any stage, it is fully secure and GDPR compliant.

  • It wows attendees.

  • It is intuitive and easy to use.

  • It is eco-friendly (with no pre-printed tickets and confirmation letters).

  • It can also be used for access control to individual sessions or for lead retrieval.

  • It is the only method which allows for “blacklisting*” of certain people, ie unwanted competitors and troublemakers. Even if they register under a false name, they will be recognized and barred. (* Subject to local legislation).

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How does it work?

Online registration

During online registration, attendees can opt-in for facial recognition. The fielddrive API integrates with existing event management platforms, so event planners do not have to switch providers or migrate data.

Uploaded photos are sent to Zenus, who anonymize the image files and send them to a cloud-based service. They are processed and instantly discarded without ever being stored. No personal data is given to Zenus other than the photo and registration ID. Face measurements are also discarded after the event.

The process is secure and GDPR compliant. Attendees can always change their mind and opt-out.

On-site check-in

As attendees arrive, a web camera attached to the fielddrive check-in kiosk takes photos and Zenus’s software recognizes them.

When a match is found, the system displays a message to welcome the attendee by name.

Once attendees confirm correct identification, their badge is printed in real time with fielddrive’s BadgeDrive software. The tear-resistant, paper badges are printed from blank stock allowing fully tailored content (e.g. color, a personalized agenda, different icons corresponding to different rooms to help attendees navigate through the venue).

If a match is not found, attendees will be asked to either scan their barcode from the confirmation email or enter their name.

What our clients say

'We’ve been a client of Fielddrive since 2016, and highly value their commitment to innovation and being industry leaders. This year, we added Zenus’ facial recognition solution to our signature events, and check-in has continued to become even more speedy and stress-free. Utilizing Fielddrive and Zenus allows our attendees to quickly get to the actual event, and provides the planners with further data insights, increased security measures, and happy attendees!' Allison Young, Events Project Coordinator at Keller Williams

‘The implementation of Fielddrive’s face recognition solution at events in RAI Amsterdam can provide great added value. With the fast check-in and extensive options in badge-printing it will expand RAI’s IT solutions offered to organizers. With the customer friendly face recognition and extensive badge printing options, I am enthusiastic about Fielddrive’s solutions and aim for a long-term partnership’ Pim Schoonderwoerd, Product manager IT Services, RAI Amsterdam Exhibition and Convention Centre


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Rewarding Excellence


The unique fielddrive and Zenus partnership was recognised by the event’ sector and in 2018 won Event Technology Awards in the category The Best Partnership. “This joint award gives us strength to continue spreading innovative solutions and improving the life of event professionals.” Panos Moutafis, Zenus president.