Launched in 2017, the Event Safety & Security Summit (E3S) is an international platform dedicated to safety and security in the live events industry. The invitation-only conference brings together leading venues; festivals; touring and sport professionals; and security experts from around the world. 

Save the date and learn how face recognition technology can improve security at your next event:

Improving Security and Engagement with Facial Recognition

 With successful trials and some serious investment in the space, facial recognition is moving closer to mainstream adoption. But are there trade-offs between technology and security? What is the ROI of face recognition (myths vs. truebenefits)? Can live events leverage Hololens technology to deliver value and improve the security in the same time, and what about the protection of audience biometric data? From check in to attendance tracking, fielddrive CEO Danny Stevens shares his vision for future use-cases of this innovative technology.

When: October 30

Time: 15:30

Location: Main Room