Looking to add compelling services to your existing event products? Interested in enhancing your existing badging solutions? Want to pioneer 'Face Recognition’ check-in in your market?

fielddrive is looking for regional partners aiming to become prime badging suppliers in their markets. Join us on October 25th for a comprehensive webinar focused on our Partner programme. Our CEO Danny Stevens will present fielddrive’s unique combination of software integrations, hardware innovations, and worldwide partner strategy for deploying out-of-the-box event-tech solutions for live-badging, visitor-tracing and more…

About fielddrive
fielddrive offers an innovative suite of services for on-site attendee management across the globe. The fielddrive suite includes pioneering solutions for data integration, live badging, and track and trace capabilities which can be implemented at your event. fielddrive is the first event-tech company which uses the face recognition technology for secure and expedited attendee check-in. fielddrive’s self-registration kiosks offer a solution that gives the attendee an easy and fast way to register, check-in, and print their badge. fielddrive’s full-size registration kiosks can service up to 500 people per hour. This remarkable suite of services can be deployed for your event anywhere across the globe thanks to the network of certified fielddrive partners.