Abba, Ikea, Volvo, smörgåsbord, scandi noir… now the next big thing to come out of Sweden is Trippus - a registration platform that will make your pre-event planning and check-in go smoother than Bjorn Borg’s backhand.

Added to Fielddrive’s portfolio, Trippus works with your CRM system and membership/enterprise databases, so you choose who to invite in your CRM and send the invitations with Trippus. (Then, as soon as attendees accept or decline the invitations, it updates your CRM).

With this latest API integration, there’s no need to produce badges in advance and worry about mistakes and wastage. Fielddrive prints badges automatically at the kiosks as soon as attendees arrive, and you can manage the check-in process in real time via both BadgeDrive and Trippus. No more cutting, folding and sorting. No more long queues. It saves time, it saves trees and your guests get a professional experience from the start. Win-win.

As if that wasn’t enough, it also includes the option of face recognition check-in in less than 9 seconds!

Trippus allows you to:

  • Build an event registration website that fits with your corporate branding and keeps all information for your attendees in one place.

  • Process online payments for registrations.

  • Send corporate-branded invitations and reminders. Then follow-up on the invitees in real-time.

  • Send corporate-branded e-tickets to all attendees, who then scan them at fielddrive kiosks to automatically print their customized name badges. Via Trippus, you can send an SMS message to all registered participants containing a personal link to their ticket, together with all information about the event.

  • Alternatively, ‘wow’ your attendees with face recognition check-in. Attendees can upload their mugshots for the fastest check-in with this new technology. No need for any other confirmation of registration, the BadgeDrive module in fielddrive kiosks recognizes them immediately and triggers the printer to create a badge. The total check-in time takes only 9 seconds!

  • And finally, communicate, via the Trippus app on your Smartphone, everything that attendees need, or need to know – from itineraries and maps, to vouchers for dinner and drinks.

It all sounds much more tempting than fermented herring!

Are you eager to use Trippus and fielddrive live badging solutions at your next event? Contact our team at or schedule a demo.