The world often throws more than one event at you at the same time (it’s a cruel world). So many attendees, so much data, what is to stop them From getting mixed up, or worsE still, lost, when you work with a third-party registration system?

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There are no such worries with fielddrive. Our system seamlessly connects with any data source: your preferred event registration platform, CRMs, management software, maketing and sales applications, mailing tools, social media and MySQL databases.

In a nutshell, you will continue to use whatever software you always do. We just make it work (a lot) better for you.

Here are a few benefits of our system:

  • Less passwords to remember!

  • No switching providers or platform, or migrating data. Event planners can manage registration and check-in without having to learn new software. That makes it more GDPR compliant too.

  • Easy to select the right attendee list in our on-site kiosks.

  • Easy to add or change both attendee and event data. Last minute bookings and walk-ins, misspelled names on the badge? No worries… simply log in, tweak the data and - boom! - within 30 seconds the update is shown in BadgeDrive (our live badging software).

  • Fully customized badges, covering everything from your attendees’ dietary requirements and agendas, to wifi access.

  • Everything synchronized live to the Cloud. That means you can follow the check-in progress in real time from your mobile device.

  • Better post-event communication and reporting. All replacements, new registrations and workshop changes are logged into the database.

Fielddrive lets you manage:

  • Face recognition check-in

  • Onsite check-ins

  • Onsite live badge & wristband printing

  • Session tickets printing

  • Name changes

  • Replacements

  • New registrations (managed in the core application with direct sync to Badgekiosk)

  • Cloakroom management

  • Photo badges

We are integrated with:

  • Leading registration platforms; Aventri, Eventbrite, Cvent, Event Force, EventMobi  and Trippus and many more…

  • Mailing platforms; Hubspot, MailChimp and Gmail

  • Spreadsheets: Excel and Google, for those of us who prefer ‘old school’ registration!

We are adding new integrations to the Cloud weekly (100 so far, and counting). See the Galleries page for a full list.

Fielddrive is fastest, easiest way to manage your event check-in. It’s also the most cost-effective - we won't suck your blood.

If you want more details or if you have custom requirements, contact our friendly team