LeadPod Pro advanced lead retrieval solution is available now!

LeadPod Pro expands upon our existing badge-scanning app, LeadPod, by incorporating customizable lead surveys and follow-up tools like the ability to call, email or text a lead directly from the app. 

The LeadPod Pro app turns any iPhone, iPad or Android device into your own advanced lead retrieval tool. Simply scan an attendee’s badge with the device’s camera to capture their contact information on the spot, take notes, and survey your lead with customizable surveys.

You can also save a lead as a contact on your phone, place a call to your lead or send them an email or text message – all directly from the app! This functionality makes lead follow-up a breeze and ensures you get the most out of the leads you capture. 

LeadPod Page Leadpod side graphic.jpg


  • Scan attendee badges using the camera on your mobile device

  • Take notes on each lead record easily

  • Ability to scan leads offline if internet connection is lost

  • All leads are stored in your own password protected portal

  • Create your own custom surveys

  • Indicate whether a lead is cold or hot using the slider

  • Follow up with each lead directly from the app by placing a call, sending a text message, or sending an email

  • Save each lead as a contact on your phone with just the click of a button

Take a tour of LeadPod Pro in this short video. 

With LeadPod Pro, all leads are synced to an online, password-protected portal where you can access your leads during and after the event. In addition, the app can be used in offline mode, eliminating the worry of finding wi-fi in a crowded exhibit hall to capture leads.

    We hope this new functionality will help you and your exhibitors better qualify leads and follow-up instantly and seamlessly from the very app used to capture leads.

    Would you like to use Lead Pod Pro at your next event but yous still have some questions? Perhaps you would like to schedule a demo to try out it yourself? If yes, contact us!