fielddrive, a global event technology company, is pleased to announce facial recognition event check-in services in partnership with Zenus, an award-winning biometrics company.


Watch a video of facial recognition check-in in action: 

‘We are really excited to be working with Zenus to bring new and exciting innovation to our client’s events. This ties in perfectly with our range of events services, and enables event planners to provide a differentiated and personable experience that will delight their attendees.'  Danny Stevens, CEO & fielddrive founder

How does it work?


During the online registration process, attendees are asked to upload a photo of themselves, or use their social media account which already has their photo, to complete their registration. This is an optional feature that requires the registrant to opt-in for such service. As attendees arrive on site, a camera fitted to the fielddrive check-in kiosk takes their picture and the facial recognition software recognizes their face. Instantly, the attendee’s badge automatically prints. The whole process of walking up to the kiok and walking away with the event badge takes an average of 15 to 20 seconds. This technology eliminates the need for pre-printed tickets, and event the need to present a barcode for scanning; it speeds up the attendee check-in process and provides a personable and innovative experience for all event attendees. Since the first pilot which was conducted in the Fall of 2017, facial recognition check-in has been used at several events and will be showing up at many more this year including Community Brands Xperience18 and Keller Williams' Luxury Home Event.

Facial recognition is intuitive and easy to use. The attendee participation has been exceeding our expectations because people are already familiar with the technology. Event planners who want to maximize their attendee experience should definitely give it a try, says Panos Moutafis, President of Zenus.

Use Facial Recognition Event Check-in Services from fielddrive for FREE  and personalize your attendees’ experience more than ever before!

*Facial Recognition will be offered at no additional cost for any event that requires fielddrive's live badging service. Offer applies if booked before June 30th, for events that can take place anytime throughout 2018, with a minimal number of attendees 500 and maximum 2 000. If you would like to receive more information about this opportunity with Facial Recognition, please contact us at We will get in touch with you by return.

What about data protection?

With major shake-ups in data protection and privacy laws going into effect in May, event planners are more and more concerned about data protection. This has been thoroughly taken into consideration for event deployments as Zenus and fielddrive have designed and built their systems to be fully GDPR compliant.

All attendee data remains within the online registration system that the event organiser is using, and Zenus only receives the attendee images over securely encrypted channels. Once Zenus has received the images, the facial recognition software extracts the face measurements and then immediately deletes the image. Zenus then sends back a unique identifier that’s associated with each image without ever having accessing personal information. This provides event planners complete peace of mind as the data is being handled properly and securely, and then discarded. After the event is over, the entire database is deleted.

If you would like to learn more about facial recogtnion here you can find a Comprehensive Guide: Facial Recognition

Experience facial recognition yourself: see it in action on our stand at industry tradeshows this Spring.

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About fielddrive

fielddrive offers an innovative suite of services for on-site attendee management across the globe. The fielddrive suite includes pioneering solutions for data integration, live badging, and track and trace capabilities which can be implemented at your event. fielddrive is one of the first event-tech companies to use facial recognition technology for secure and expedited attendee check-in. fielddrive’s self-registration kiosks provide a fast and seamless solution for attendees to register, check-in, and print their badge. fielddrive’s full-size registration kiosks can service up to 500 people per hour. This remarkable suite of services can be deployed for your event anywhere across the globe thanks to the network of certified fielddrive partners.

About Zenus

Zenus is an award winning face recognition company. Our goal is to eradicate tickets and make waiting in line a distant memory of the past. We abide by our core values: (I) respect people's privacy, (II) be radically honest, and (III) do things right.