Recently, Expo Logic provided its innovative live badging service, fielddrive, for three Technology Conferences organized by Globalfoundries, a leading semiconductor company.

The events hosted more than 2,100 attendees in total and took place in the Fall of 2017 across three major cities and countries: Munich, Germany; Santa Clara, United States; and  Shanghai, China.

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Fielddrive badge printing kiosks were employed at each event to handle the check-in process.  Each kiosk can print a full color badge in just 5 seconds and process up to 250 check-ins per hour. The flow of more than 700 attendees in each location was easily managed by just 4 kiosks and thanks to fielddrive’s fast badge printing, no lines or check-in delays occurred.

Not only did badges print quickly, but attendees received fully customized badges with QR codes that contained detailed personal information for tracking purposes. For the Technology Conference in Shanghai, our developers even designed an extra module in the software so that Chinese characters could be recognized.

Throughout the process, Globalfoundaries, was confident in the accuracy of the data no matter where the event occurred because fielddrive fully integrates with their registration platform, which allowed for real-time check-in tracking. Here’s what they had to say about their experience:

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Fielddrive is a powerful suite of on-site event management services which every successful event should have. Thanks to fielddrive live badging solutions, the check-in process of our
events in the United States, Germany and China went smoothly and had no queues. Attendees received fast, high-quality badges…all of this without time-consuming pre-printing. Fielddrive’s on-site crew is extremely supportive and the team members are knowledgeable and super helpful. Not to mention,
fielddrive integrates with our registration platform which made the whole process very easy for us. I would definitely recommend fielddrive and I’m glad we selected it for our events!


Jerome Fohet

Marketing Communications Manager - ‎GLOBALFOUNDRIES


About fielddrive

Fielddrive is an innovative Suite of Services for on-site attendee management across the globe. The fielddrive suite includes data integration, live badging, and track and trace capabilities which can be implemented at your event.




About Globalfoundries

Globalfoundries is a leading full-service semiconductor design, development, fabrication and innovation company with locations across the globe. It is a partner with some of the world’s most inspired companies to develop and produce innovations in technology sector.