Are you using an online registration system, an internally developed system, or Excel for your check-in and badging? 

Then you most likely rely on DIY solutions or pre-print – with all the worries that those solutions entail …

fielddrive developed a ready-to-use solution that answers all your onsite badging needs.

Simply connect to your favourite registration platform, or upload an Excel list.  Choose a badge template, and rent or purchase a badging unit, and you’re all set! 

All data are perfectly synchronized with your registration platform, while you have access to live dashboards: a treasure of information about your visitors.

As the badging units are modular, you can set them up as a table top model, kiosk or counter. And even equip them with several types of printers.

Super fast badge printers deliver full-colour A6 recto verso badges in less than six seconds, including different colour codes to distinguish visitor categories.

Badges can be equipped with barcodes, RFID or NFC technology to track visitors during your event. This allows you to map out session attendance (to deliver certificates), booth visits (for lead retrieval), or even visitor flows (for detailed analysis).

fielddrive has packaged solutions for autonomous use – for rent or for sale. And we can manage your onsite event needs or congresses fully serviced, globally.

We already provide direct integration with etouches, selligent and Excel. And we’ll soon be launching connections with several CRM and e-mail platforms, as well as mobile applications.


On top of check-in and badging solutions, fielddrive also offers solutions for visitor analysis and digital signage.