Are you still pre-printing badges? 

Here are the top 10 reasons to switch to live badging now!


1. It's up to date

Live badging synchronizes visitor data in real time with your event registration platform. No need to close registrations days before the event to print your badges. You can easily accept walk-ins registered in your event-website and print the badge on site.

2. It's flexible

Live printing in different colours or designs per category, barcodes, QR codes, profile pictures, personal programs, RFID and NFC technology, automated font scaling, … all contribute to a better visitor and exhibitor experience.

3. It's sustainable

No more wasted badges for no-shows or name changes, and no more plastic pouches. A full-colour butterfly badge is a sustainable solution. There are even biodegradable credit card Pet-G badges and clips available for high-end events.

4. It's faster

It takes only seven seconds from ticket scan to printed butterfly badge. With a full pass-through of 20 seconds per visitor, you can manage 250 check-ins per hour with only one unit – 4 times faster than finding a pre-printed badge on a tray. 

5. It's cheaper

No more valuable time wasted before the event. Self-check-in kiosks combined with manned registration desks reduce staffing up to 50 %. Full-colour onsite printing avoids shipping costs for pre-printing badge templates.

6. It's professional

Walk-ins and name changes receive the same quality badge as other visitors. No more handwritten or misspelled badges!

7. It's connected

Live badging keeps track of all visitor arrivals. It also gives you a live count of the number of visitors checked in, as well as real-time visitor listings. You can easily step up to session scanning and lead scanning to get full demographics of your visitor behaviour.  RFID and NFC chips can be encoded in the badge and connected to real-time visitor tracing.

8. It's secure

Profile pictures can be printed straight from the registration database for secured access. Check-in data provide real-time visitor listings. You can even upload a blacklist to exclude unwanted guests. 

9. It's an opportunity

Large dual-sided butterfly badges provide enough space to include sponsor branding. In other words, it's an up-selling opportunity to your sponsors to create more visibility. Combined with lead scanning it provides valuable data enrichment for all stakeholders.

10. It's less stressful

Let's be honest: which meeting planner hasn't spent endless nights before an event preparing badges?  And just when you think you’re ready, a new list with changes and cancellations turns op. You deserve a good night’s sleep – use your energy for more important things.