Badgedrive software

The badgedrive software is installed on every individual kiosk in your event. It's the core of your onsite delegate management. it allows you to:

  • Check-in delegates in assisted mode
    • By facial recognition
    • By barcode scan
    • By name lookup
  • Check-in delegates in self check-in mode
    • By facial recognition
    • By barcode scan
  • Register new walk -ins
  • Manage handouts for conference bags, headsets...
  • Manage cloakroom tickets
  • Manage session check-ins
  • Manage acces control
    • By badgescan
    • By facial recognition


1 platform - 100 solutions

badgedrive can be tweaked to match all your specific needs. It contains over 100 different parameters to control user rights and kiosk functionality. This makes it the most flexible system in the market. 


We are Apt

Every use case for the kiosk is launched in a separate app. It allows us to configure the kiosk for different tasks throughout the event. Use it overnight as a stand alone self check-in at the hotel reception. and move them to  the venue in the morning for hosted check-in and afterwards for session scanning in the breakout rooms.


Facial recognition?... fully integrated

With our partner Zenus, we have fully integrated the facial recognition into the badgedrive software. Simply connect to the server, and start checking in delegate just by walking to the kiosk and confirming their identity. 


Forgot your barcode? .... No problem

We can allow individual lookup by name or company on the fly. So if your delegates can't find their barcode we can always help them out, with or without proof of ID... your choice.


Make it yours

The user experience is fully customizable with images,  video, colors, text messages, logo's... fully in line with your corporate ID and the look and feel of your event.


Server down?  No internet?  No worries!

We all now that Murphy is lurking behind the corner. So you better be prepared for the worst case! Typically new registrations are handled in your favorite registration platform, but what if their API just happens to be in maintenance, or the internet of the venue is overloaded? No worries, every badgedrive instance is an encrypted copy of your delegate database, so you can always continue printing badges. We even have a backup for quick new registrations in such a case, or maybe you just want some supplier badges. fielddrive can kick Murphy's ass.


Can you do this? Can you do that?  Yes we can!

Onsite delegate management can be stressful... can you print out all speaker badges, can you print the badges for our biggest exhibitor, can you print all remaining badges before packing, can you change this icon on the badge? 

fielddrive can handle it, on the spot.

our onsite team and remote technical support are by your side!